Facilities Managers are now required to think ‘green’ when upgrading their amenities. However, availability of capital funding can prevent building improvements that in the long term will help to save money, water, energy and the environment.

Responding to this issue, Watersave Australia has developed Green Facilities Finance that enables customers to immediately upgrade facilities that will make a difference to the environment without having to wait for capital funding approval. Green Facilities Finance means the funding for the upgrade can be paid in instalments over several years and can be accounted for as an operating expense rather than a capital expenditure.

The clear advantage of Watersave Australia’s Green Facilities Finance is that capital expenditure is not necessary, enabling refurbishments to proceed at a quicker rate. Additionally, a portion of the ensuing monthly expense is already being paid in current operating costs. The finance option is merely another way of paying current operating expenses but gaining new assets that reduce water consumption and therefore lower costs.

The main aim of Green Facilities Finance is to make the refurbishment of amenities more cost effective, delivering lower long term operating costs, lower water consumption and a more hygienic environment for landlords and tenants. In turn, this translates to reduced carbon emissions.

Eligibility for Green Facilities Finance will require that organisations make changes to their amenities that will provide measurable water and CO2 savings. This can be achieved by retrofitting flushing urinals with the Uridan waterless urinals and installing other water saving sanitary fixtures.

With water costs set to continue to rise, investment in water management seems likely to become a key feature in building portfolios. Green Facilities Finance assists companies that wish to meet their sustainability objectives whilst also delivering benefits to all stakeholders as:

  • Refurbishments can proceed more quickly 
  • Water Consumption is significantly reduced 
  • Operating Costs are fixed for the term 
  • Asset Value is increased due to refurbishment and ‘greener’ buildings 
  • An organisation gains brand integrity and good corporate image 
  • Improved Capital Management 
  • Good Corporate Governance

More information on Watersave Australia's finance services is available from their website.