Innovative water sustainability enterprise Watersave Australia has been working with Australian business to save water since 2003. The Watersave SmartMeter system provides accurate water usage data, water analysis and water management data to more than 1000 commercial and government users. This growth has lead to the appointment of a SmartMeter Product Manager for NSW, James Gagen.

Paul Marsh, Managing Director of Watersave Australia said, “We are a relatively young company (established in 2003) and we have successfully established ourselves in the Australian water sustainability market. With increasing requirements for water and energy reporting the Watersave SmartMeter System is a clear winner in commercial and government sectors.
This appointment is a reflection of our confidence in this expanding market as the need for sustainable practices grows.”

Watersave Australia works with companies that are looking for ways to save water and reduce their overall carbon footprint. Products include the Watersave smart water metering system, Uridan waterless urinals, leak detection and rectification, water management reporting and green facilities finance.

As the new SmartMeter Product Manager, James Gagen brings with him more than twenty years experience as a Technical Specialist and extensive experience in sustainability and environment.

He said, “I am very excited to be part of the SmartMeter evolution/revolution and look forward to providing existing and new customers with an unequalled level of support in their endeavours to reduce water use. The Watersave SmartMeter is well positioned to become a market leader in water management and sustainability reporting, as organisations across the nation seek to reduce water usage and shrink their carbon footprint.”