Watersave Australia  is celebrating 10 years of delivering water management solutions to commercial and government organisations across Australia.

Founded in 2003 by Paul Marsh with the objective of reducing potable water use across Australia, Watersave Australia entered the market with the Danish designed Uridan waterless urinals, which were not available in the Australian market at the time. Today Uridan is specified by architects, plumbers, hydraulic consultants and property owners with the water savings attributable to the waterless technology amounting to over 1 million kilolitres of pure drinking water annually.

The year 2006 was another milestone for Watersave Australia when the company pioneered the SmartMeter System designed to create a new level of water and sustainability reporting for business. The SmartMeter was the result of Watersave Australia’s work with large commercial and government organisations, which highlighted a requirement for better water management in business. Given the rising water and energy prices, many organisations were actively looking to monitor consumption to better understand water usage.

The SmartMeter System today is saving millions of litres of water every day for large commercial and government organisations across Australia.

The SmartMeter System won the 2007 Green Plumbers Innovative Product of the Year Award. Watersave Australia’s founder, Paul Marsh also won the Sustainability Champion honour at the NSW Green Globe Awards night celebrated at NSW Parliament House in September 2012.

Attributing the win to his whole team of dedicated professionals and close business partners, Paul Marsh said that the award recognised their combined commitment towards improved resource management, celebrated their achievements to date and encouraged their ongoing innovation for environmental excellence and sustainable business.