The WaterGuard system produced by New South Wales company Watersave Australia has been declared the winner of the 2007 Innovative Product of the Year at the national GreenPlumbers Awards – an industry showcase of environmentally-conscious products and services for the plumbing industry.

WaterGuard is a smart water meter that monitors water use in real-time, protecting property against damage caused by burst pipes and leaks. It can help the user to understand, manage and reduce water consumption

The device works by recording water consumption data from any pulse water meter and can be configured to upload the data to a secure website for analysis. Monitoring water consumption by time and volume, WaterGuard can also be programmed to automatically cut-off the water supply when it detects an abnormal situation or alert the owner via a mobile phone or email.

It is WaterGuard’s intelligent system that gained it a finalist position in the Innovative Product of the Year and Product of the Year categories at the 2007 GreenPlumbers Awards luncheon held in Melbourne on 20 November 2007.

Paul Marsh from Watersave Australia was at the luncheon to accept the award saying “I am delighted to accept this award for our WaterGuard product.

“WaterGuard is the most effective and versatile system for all applications where water conservation and leak detection is a priority” says Paul.

“There is a WaterGuard product to suit every application from schools, offices to restaurants and factories, right down to domestic dwellings. It is the cost-effective answer to total water management, using today’s technology.”