As Australia gets ready for another scorching summer, we need to be mindful of water usage around the home or business. There are various ways to save water and most of the time, it's the little things that count.

Sydney Water delivers essential and sustainable water solutions for the benefit of the community. They have provided some simple tips and ideas on how to use water wisely around your home, including:
  • installing WELS rated water efficient showers, washing machines and tapware
  • check for water leaks
  • install water efficient taps or tap aerators
  • wash fruit and vegetables in a half-filled sink rather than under running water
  • wait until the dishwasher is full before using it
  • rinse your razor by running a little water into a plugged sink
The Australian Water Association  (AWA) is a non-profit organisation and is Australia's leading membership association for water professionals and organisations. The AWA plays an important role in supporting the Australian water sector in the delivery of effective and sustainable water management practices. The Association also represent those who specify or design water-saving products for al types of projects.

There is also another way save water this summer - and all year round for that matter. Have you ever considered installing waterless urinals in your home or business?

Watersave Australia promotes and uses intelligent technology to deliver simple water management and conservation solutions. Environmentally smart incorporating stunning Danish design, Watersave's Uridan waterless urinals helps improve water and energy performance of any building.

According to Watersave, consideration of our environment is now of utmost importance and building owners, designers, architects and specifiers are increasingly focussed on improving the water and energy performance of their buildings.

Reasons to choose the Uridan waterless urinals
  • waterless design that helps you save money each year
  • low operating costs
  • in-built trap with biodegradable fluid seal
  • easy to install for new and retro-fit installations
  • odourless operation
  • increased hygiene
  • no need for plastic cartridges, rubber bladders or deodorising cubes
According to Watersave, these waterless urinals are significantly cheaper to purchase, install and maintain when compared to traditional flushing systems.