Living in the driest inhabited continent on the globe, Australians constantly experience the effects of drought and water shortage. However, while our farming community cries out for rain, we continue to flush urinals with potable water. For the sake of our environment and our shared future, it is important for each one of us to be more responsible in the way we use this precious natural resource.

Amenities in office buildings and shopping centres can account for 25-33 percent of water consumption, presenting an excellent opportunity for water conservation. Waterless urinals from Uridan Waterless Solutions can be installed by commercial businesses to achieve impressive water savings quickly with relatively short payback periods.

Uridan urinals combine a great aesthetic with low initial and lifetime costs, being economical to purchase, install and maintain. Building owners can expect water savings of up to 60,000 litres per urinal per year.

For instance, a building with 42 conventional flushing urinals can expect water savings of up to 2.5 mega-litres of water in the first year alone when retrofitted with Uridan waterless urinals – the saved water is equivalent to the water volume in an Olympic sized pool.