Popular models of Uridan waterless urinals from Watersave Australia are now available in Revit for easy download by architects and designers.

With a view to providing architects and designers with the tools required to develop higher quality, more accurate architectural designs in amenity layouts with positive water management outcomes, Watersave Australia now offers installation images, product leaflets, case studies and CAD drawings for easy download on their new website.

In addition to viewing 3D rendered Uridan models on the Watersave Australia website, architects, building designers and property owners can also select from the large range of models, colours and materials, and capture Uridan products for architectural drawings and designs.

Watersave Australia offers the Uridan Admiral (KH-6) and the Uridan Cadet (KHC-6), two of the most popular models in the range in Revit, which will assist architects and designers in developing higher quality and more accurate architectural drawings, and provide an accurate representation of Uridan products from concept right through to design, documentation, construction and fit-out.

Uridan waterless urinals are selected by organisations with a focus on sustainability and great design. Frequently specified for office towers, shopping centres, sporting facilities, airports, schools, pubs, clubs, hotels and restaurants, Uridan waterless urinals are available in a wide selection of models to suit the needs of any building project for new as well as retrofit installations.