Available from Watersave Australia , Uridan waterless urinals have an award winning Danish Design and are able to function without the use of water, helping to save millions of litres of water each year.

The simple design of the waterless urinal has been specifically engineered to deliver a quality product, with low long term cost of ownership and value for money for the customer.

Uridan waterless urinals use no water for flushing and the savings in water are apparent. The cleverly designed waste trap is connected directly to the sewer system and a biodegradable blocking fluid creates a perfect seal blocking any urine odours.

Additionally, the urinal’s surface does not attract the same amount of bacteria and funghi when compared to conventional flushing systems. This results in a more hygienic Men’s Room without the often associated odour.

The waterless urinals are cost effective, simple to install and maintain, while the big water savings and the associated reduction in carbon emissions mean that building owners can improve their Green Star Rating.

Uridan waterless urinals have been in use worldwide since 1998, with more than 25,000 currently installed throughout Australia. The waterless urinals are available in fibreglass and ceramic with a variety of finishes and colours. A trough urinal has been developed for use in larger amenities, catering for a large number of males, such as sporting facilities, public toilet blocks and schools.