Uridan waterless urinals available from Watersave Australia do not require water for flushing.

First introduced in the Denmark market in 1998, Uridan waterless urinals are now available worldwide, including in Australia where the product is being distributed by Watersave Australia since 2003.

Uridan is Australia’s leading waterless urinal brand providing architects and building designers with a complete range of waterless urinal solutions.

According to Paul Marsh, Managing Director of Watersave Australia, the concept of waterless urinals was new to Australia when it was first introduced. While Uridan’s primary appeal was its environmental benefits, water savings and architectural design lines, organisations focussing on sustainability consider its installation as an intelligent business decision as it helps them meet Green Star and NABERS ratings.

The Uridan single bowl urinals and trough urinals are responsible for saving millions of litres of water, helping organisations meet their water management goals.

Available in a wide range of designs and colours, Uridan waterless urinals help achieve aesthetic objectives in public bathroom design in addition to providing a high functional value with water savings, cost savings and CO2 savings.

The Uridan range is frequently specified for sporting facilities, commercial office towers, shopping centres, pubs, clubs, restaurants, council buildings and schools.

Key advantages of Uridan waterless urinals: 

  • Cheaper to install and maintain compared to flushing urinals
  • Built-in water lock eliminates plastic cartridges, costly rubber bladder seals or messy deodorising cubes
  • Reduced maintenance and operating costs as well as energy and resource utilisation
  • Available in 8 different designs in single bowl urinals and 3 designs in waterless urinal troughs
  • Privacy screen designed to follow architectural lines of Uridan urinals while providing comfort and privacy for users