In direct response to market demand, Watersave Australia recently launched Uridan stainless steel waterless urinals into the Australian market.  

Managing Director from Watersave Australia, Paul Marsh, said that he received a lot of feedback suggesting that a stainless steel version of the Uridan waterless urinal would be received well by the Australian market, particular among designers of public infrastructure.  

Uridan waterless urinals were first introduced into Australia over six years ago and since then they have led the market with their stylish Danish design and hygienic, odour free application.  

Marsh said that as the growing market tries to reduce water consumption and CO2 emissions, waterless urinals are growing in popularity because they provide a more environmentally sustainable solution. Uridan waterless urinals save millions of litres of potable water each year. Research demonstrates they are a cleaner, more hygienic and odour free alternative.  

Uridan stainless steel waterless urinals are ideal for settings where stainless steel is the traditionally preferred material of choice, including public amenities such as schools, council toilet blocks or railway stations. Stainless steel Uridan waterless urinals are available in three sizes and bring the total suite of Watersave Australia’s waterless urinals to fourteen models including ceramic, fibreglass and now stainless steel.