Watersave Australia introduces a stylish new partition solution for urinals in male amenities.

Addressing the demand from architects and interior designers who are constantly seeking new and innovative products to improve the design and functionality of bathrooms, the Uridan Spinnaker privacy screen is a strikingly stylish partition that will instantly lift the appearance of any amenity.

Originally designed for Uridan waterless urinals such as the Admiral and Cadet models, the Spinnaker has been quickly adopted in the market for male amenities. Urinal partitions meet etiquette and privacy considerations for users, and have also become an important part of good bathroom design. In addition to adequate spacing between urinals, providing a privacy screen between units enhances user comfort.

The architectural effect of the Uridan Spinnaker installed between urinals is simply stunning, adding to the already striking visual appeal of a row of Uridan urinals.

Originally styled to complement the design lines of Uridan Admiral urinals, Uridan Spinnaker privacy screens are increasingly being specified for commercial and public amenities to solve the privacy issue simply and cost-effectively.

Simple to install with no visible brackets, Uridan Spinnaker privacy screens are available in a range of standard colours including White, Stone Grey, Granite, Stone Nero and a stunning Jet Black colour to suit bathroom design requirements. Screens can also be manufactured in special colours for larger orders to suit specific customer requirements.