Watersave Australia have developed a hygienic cleaning solution to compliment their range of Uridan waterless urinal systems. There are four products in the Uriclean urinal cleaning fluids range and all are designed to minimise odours, prevent bacterial growth, improve appearance, and improve hygiene levels for the user.

Uriclean urinal cleaning fluids includes:

  • Urilock 5 litre odour blocking fluid
  • Urilock 300 millilitre odour blocking fluid
  • Urilock 500 millimetre spray anti-bacterial fluid
  • Urilock 5 litre anti-bacterial fluid

Hygience is extremely important in any bathroom or toilet area and Uriclean urinal cleaning fluids should be used daily. Watersave Australia have made the cleaning process simple and fast to ensure urinals are always operating hygienically and efficiently.

Watersave Australia are a relatively new company who aim to provide sustainable water solutions for government and commercial based projects. Through effective water management, they aim to reduce carbon emissions and provide significant savings for water and CO2.