Watersave Australia have created a unique system which monitors water use online. Smart Meter System water usage monitors identify abnormal usage and quickly identifies and repairs leaks. The main reason the system has been developed is to significantly reduce water and operational costs, while simultaneously reducing CO2 emissions. Installation of the Smart Meter System will increase the environmental rating of the building.

Smart Meter System has been developed in Australia and is designed to suit the local environmental needs. It is widely used in commercial applications such as water retailers, local councils, schools, hotels, airports, camping grounds, universities and golf courses. The water usage monitors  can be used with mag-flow, electro-mechanical and mechanical pulse meters.

The main features of the Smart Meter System water usage monitors includes:

  • Real time data acquisition
  • Four levels of user defined access privileges
  • Water cost calculator: per person and time frames
  • Multiple user log ins
  • 15 minute interval water usage displays
  • Solar powered transmitter
  • 3D visualisations
  • Multi-site comparisons
  • Comprehensive range of site administration tools
  • Data downloaded to MS Excel for offline analysis
  • SMS notification of abnormal usage
  • Automatic control over opening and closing of solenoid valve
  • Linked to LED interactive message screen
  • Asset register: map location, connection status, type, calibration