Waterless urinals from Uridan Waterless Solutions deliver a lifetime of savings from the initial purchase cost, ongoing operating costs and reduced water bills.

Featuring a stunning Danish design, Uridan waterless urinals are engineered for simplicity, style and sustainability. Suitable for a broad range of applications from residential bathrooms to large commercial building washrooms, the Uridan waterless urinal collection offers the perfect solution.

Purchase cost

Uridan urinals are available at a significantly lower cost (a ratio of 3:1) when compared to conventional flushing urinals. The urinals also come complete with their own fitting kit, including the consumables required to operate the unit for the first three months. Additional savings come from the Uridan design that eliminates any need for sparge pipes, flush mechanisms or solenoids required for conventional flushing urinals.

Installation cost

Uridan urinals require only a simple connection to the sewer pipe, reducing plumbing costs significantly. No electrical installation costs apply as there are no sensors or electronic flush mechanisms.

Operating cost

Uridan waterless urinals save an estimated 60,000 litres of water per urinal per year. For instance, a building with 20 single bowl Uridan urinals will save 1.2ML (Mega-Litres) of water per annum plus associated wastewater costs. Ongoing servicing is simple requiring only the uriLOCK blocking fluid to ensure the urinal is ready for operation.

Uridan waterless urinals contribute to significant water conservation, leading to reduced water bills. However, there are secondary benefits too including energy savings, building efficiencies, and improved environmental ratings.