The energy-saving design of a new office building in Canberra has achieved a 43 percent reduction in water consumption compared with that of an average office building of standard design. The first building to be awarded a five star rating by the Green Building Council of Australia, the structure saves 687,000 litres of water a year compared with a standard building of similar size.

Watersave Australia supplied one of several water-saving devices which were installed to achieve the reduced water usage. Twelve water-free urinals, made by Danish company Uridan, have been located in several toilets on different levels of the three-storey building. They are installed without cisterns as they work without flushing. A patented drain in the urinals covers the urine and prevents odours.

Other water-efficient devices installed include hands-free taps, dual-flush toilets and restricted shower heads. The taps release water only when their infra-red beam detects that hands are under the spout. The dual-flush toilets and special shower heads enable users to regulate the amount of water they use. Water meters detect leaks from sinks, toilets, cooling towers and other sources.

Source: Building Products News.