The Danish designed Uridan waterless urinals are available in Australia from Watersave Australia .

Combining environmental performance, operating cost benefits and advanced Danish design in Australian amenities, Uridan urinals have proved to be a real winner with building owners and specifiers focusing on greener, more efficient buildings. 

Uridan waterless urinals are simple to clean and maintain, requiring no specials inserts or costly disposable parts. Uridan urinals require only Urilock blocking fluid and Uriclean urinal cleaning solution.

Watersave Australia is now launching Uridan’s new and improved solutions for simplified cleaning and maintenance of waterless urinals. Specially formulated to provide an evolution in waterless urinal cleaning and maintenance, the next generation of Uridan consumables will not only simplify the maintenance procedure but will also help to create clean and fresh environments for washroom users.

The new formula Urilock odour blocking fluid is a bright blue lemon scented oil, formulated to block sewer odours from entering the room above the urinal’s inbuilt waste trap. The biodegradable Urilock oil forms a perfect liquid seal in the urinal’s built-in waste trap with its new formula working to reduce build-up in the trap and ensuring the urinals provide an ongoing hygienic and sustainable solution in amenities. 

The new Uriclean solution is pink in colour with a fresh scent, and has been specially formulated to provide simple cleaning and conditioning for Uridan waterless urinals as well as any other waterless urinal brands. 

Urilock odour blocking fluid and Uriclean cleaning solution complement each other in function, ensuring that the regular use of Uriclean does not interfere with the Urilock oil forming a permanent fluid seal in the urinal’s waste trap. 

Uridan’s next generation of waterless urinal solutions will significantly simplify cleaning and maintenance procedures, ensuring that waterless urinals continue to provide water savings and hygienic washroom environments.