Uridan Waterless Solutions announces the release of a new range of waterless urinals across the globe.

Featuring a new waste trap design backed by years of engineering and testing, the latest Uridan urinals are designed to simplify ongoing servicing.

Based on the simple principle of an S-bend, Uridan’s innovative new waste trap forms a perfect seal to the sewer with periodic servicing simply requiring a top-up of the patented uriLOCK blocking fluid (urinal oil).

The servicing can be done by any cleaner, technician or plumber, helping minimise ongoing cost.

The new Uridan waterless urinal delivers a proven, award winning Danish design product for commercial and residential bathrooms; features simple engineering that ticks all the boxes for functionality and design; enables the easiest cleaning and servicing procedure of any waterless urinal on the market today; offers cost savings when purchasing, installing and maintaining the urinals; and facilitates ongoing water conservation.

Check out our new Uridan video for more information on how Uridan works.