The innovative waterless urinal from Uridan Waterless Solutions has been delivering water and energy savings along with a low cost of ownership to facilities since its launch in the Australian market over 15 years ago.

Uridan has now introduced a further innovation to the urinal design, which will reduce the time required to service the fitting. The new Uridan waterless urinal features a unique ‘S’ trap, which reduces the time taken to complete a service to just 10 seconds, dramatically lowering the cost of ownership for facility managers and building owners.

The Uridan urinal’s ‘S’ trap forms a perfect seal to the sewer, with periodic servicing simply requiring a top-up of the patented uriLOCK urinal oil (blocking fluid). Any cleaner, technician or plumber can perform the task, helping minimise the cost of servicing.

Thanks to the new waste trap, Uridan waterless urinals deliver advantages such as fast, odourless, contact-free maintenance; no messy opening of the waste trap; 10-second maintenance regime; and absolutely water-free servicing.

Uridan also does not require the disposal of costly plastic filters and membranes, which are mostly non-biodegradable and usually end up in landfill.

Uridan’s waterless urinal is the first truly sustainable urinal that delivers 100% water savings and the lowest cost of ownership for any type of urinal, combined with an aesthetic appeal to suit any bathroom.

Margrethe Ingemann, Marketing Manager at SUMS Group (Uridan Australia) states: “We pride ourselves in delivering quality, innovative products that offer smart, sustainable solutions for business. Uridan’s unique waste trap technology is a game changer in the waterless urinal market. It is no secret that the biggest problem surrounding waterless urinal technology is education and ongoing maintenance.

“Uridan combines stunning Danish design, simplicity in operation, simple maintenance regimes, and water and cost savings, delivering a range of products that cement the Uridan collection as the pre-eminent urinal range for sustainable bathroom design.”