Pittwater High School in Mona Vale has seen huge savings in water usage in the past year due to the introduction of water free urinals and a water management system.

The Uridan water free urinals and WaterGuard leak detection and water management system, supplied by Watersave Australia has helped the school save up to 3000 litres of water every day since their introduction in 2006.

School Principal Ross Cusworth is pleased with the results he has seen. “As a school which promotes social responsibility, I am delighted with the water savings we have seen since introducing Uridan water free urinals and the WaterGuard system.

“The key benefit of using the WaterGuard system is the ability to better manage water usage through the control options. Water can be turned off when the school is empty, daily water limits can be set and unusual water use is highlighted on the WaterGuard website. All of this information is invaluable when managing school resources”.

“Also, our Mathematics Department are currently using the data from the WaterGuard website as part of the Year 7 extension class curriculum” says Cusworth.

The WaterGuard water management system allows the monitoring of water consumption by time and volume 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Data is stored and may be accessed at any time.

Analysis of the data can indicate problems where and when water is being wasted.

As well as the WaterGuard and water free urinals, the Department of Education and Training had a rainwater tank installed at Pittwater High as part of the toilet refurbishment, with the water collected used to flush the toilets, and old taps were replaced with time limited versions.

The combined impact of all of these water saving initiatives is a huge reduction in overall water usage, even with an increase in the number of students attending the school in the last year.