Today Watersave Australia has announced an important change to its range of Uridan waterless urinals which will significantly lower operational costs for its customers.  

The water trap which connects the urinal bowl to the sewer has been increased in capacity to 2.5 litres, the largest capacity of any waterless urinal on the market.  The larger water trap requires less frequent servicing than the previous version, resulting in even lower operational costs for the building manager.  

Uridan waterless urinals are distributed by Watersave Australia. A spokesperson said, “All Uridan waterless urinals manufactured from 1 May will include a water trap approximately 3 times larger than the current water trap used in the bowl urinals.  The urinal will work in exactly the same way however, it will mean a significant reduction in maintenance costs because the interval between services will be much longer.  A high rise office building will see a likely running cost of less than $50 per urinal per year.”  

Uridan waterless urinals are installed in a wide range of buildings across Australia making Uridan a leading brand for saving both water and operating costs.