Watersave Australia  introduced the Uridan waterless urinal to Australia in 2003, and since then has made more than 30,000 installations Australia wide.

As well as being environmentally smart, Uridan waterless urinals have a stunning Danish design that provides architects and building designers with the opportunity to create stunning ‘green’ bathrooms with significant water savings, cost savings and CO2 savings.

Uridan waterless urinals are designed to function without the use of water so the savings in water are clear. The cleverly designed urinal provides an in-built trap with a biodegradable fluid seal that blocks any odours from the pipes below. The result is a bathroom without the often associated odour.

Uridan waterless urinals are relatively cheap to purchase, install and maintain. Additionally, the big water savings and the associated reduction in carbon emissions mean that building owners can improve their Green Star Rating.

Uridan waterless urinals are available in fibreglass and ceramic materials with varying finishes and colours and are used widely in large commercial buildings, office towers, shopping centres, restaurants, clubs and council buildings. A trough urinal has been developed for use in larger amenities, catering for a large number of males, such as sporting facilities, public toilet blocks and schools.