Urbano Unique Stone  custom limestone blocks and are produced in a variety of sizes and colours to suit the garden, home and DIY projects. Limestone blocks are attractive and durable and are suitable for use in retaining walls and as garden edges amongst other applications. 

Custom limestone blocks can help to improve access and make the most of available space. Limestone blocks are also heat resistant and non-slip, making them a safe and comfortable paving solution for pool and entertaining areas.

Limestone blocks from Urbano Unique Stone are available as:

  • 500 x 230 x 175 wall blocks
  • 445 x 230 x 175 corner /end blocks
  • 300 x 230 x 175 pier blocks
  • 400 x 200 x 115 wall blocks
  • 315 x 200 x 115 corner /end/pier blocks