A decking solution from Urbanline Architectural has helped the University of Wollongong eliminate problems associated with upkeep and unsightly discolouration on their pathways. Urbanline’s Latitudes Duro combines colour consistency with zero maintenance to provide a long-term decking solution.

More than 65 square metres of Urbanline's Latitudes Duro decking in the new Dark Walnut colour were installed at the University. The new colour is a darker, more realistic reflection of a walnut tone. The decking was sealed to avoid food stains or any damage caused by duck droppings - a common problem alongside ponds, lakes and waterways. The brush finish will also allow for easy repair if damaged or vandalised.

Key features and benefits of Latitudes Duro decking include maintenance-free performance; 25-year limited warranty; pest resistance; easy cutting, drilling and shaping; no rotting, splitting or warping; and excellent noise insulation.

Designed for easy installation, Latitudes Duro decking is supplied as a 134mm wide board, which is quicker to install than a 70mm or 90mm wide board.