Serious fire incidents have once again brought the focus back to aluminium claddings used on the exterior of buildings. A recent programme on ABC’s Four Corners investigated the fire risk posed by some aluminium cladding products on buildings.

Unlike the products that found mention in the programme, Alu Selekta from Urbanline Architectural is a highly durable, non-combustible aluminium cladding product featuring a 'solid' aluminium extruded profile. Urbanline's Alu Selekta is considered to be non-combustible in accordance with Clause C1.12[e] of the BCA and permitted to be used where the BCA nominates non-combustible material, as it does not include any composite or honey comb combustible core.

Urbanline’s flagship Alu Selekta aluminium cladding has also passed the 1530.3 test achieving zero spread of flame for the painted finish with the certified product now available for architects and builders seeking confidence and peace of mind in their cladding choices.

All external claddings for high rise buildings sold in Australia will need to be AS5113 fire compliant by March 2018. Urbanline Architectural advises architects and builders to get this assurance right away by choosing Alu Selekta and Euro Selekta cladding products as they meet the latest fire safety standards.

Both Alu Selekta and Euro Selekta from Urbanline Architectural are recommended for: external cladding facades, installed on any single vertical plane wall up to 100 metres; feature facade cladding for multi-storeyed buildings where maintenance is difficult; high-exposure areas; bushfire-prone areas; and soffit and balcony linings.

Alu Selekta cladding

Key features include non-combustible material, safe to use at all heights; AS1530.3 compliance; interchangeable with AS5113 compliant Euro Selekta; lightweight at only 8.06kg/m²; engineered for strength and durability; quick and easy installation; maintenance-free material; and corrosion resistance.

Euro Selekta cladding

Key features include AS5113 compliance; BAL 29 compliance; CodeMark certified; high Rw acoustic rating; no painting or coating required before or after installation; quick, easy installation; hidden tongue and groove fixing; woodgrain embossed surface; fade resistance; 15-year warranty; high impact resistance; non-leaching and maintenance-free material; water, rot and pest resistance; and PEFC forest certification.