Euro Selekta external cladding from Urbanline Architectural is now bushfire-ready following its compliance with BAL29 regulations.

Building exteriors need to combine a smart appearance with the ability to stand up to extreme weather conditions and also meet building code regulations. Urbanline’s Euro Selekta is fast becoming the preferred choice for external cladding applications for its durability, stylish looks, easy maintenance and after recent testing, its BAL29 rating.

Euro Selekta external cladding is now approved to be installed on any building in a bushfire prone area rated up to BAL29.

Euro Selekta is a low maintenance external cladding product that can be easily installed, is non-leaching, and also compliant with BAL29 cladding regulations.

Euro Selekta has a timber grain-embossed surface, is available in seven colours, and boasts a high Rw acoustic rating and exceptional sustainable qualities.