Urbanline Architectural presents the future of timber with the introduction of timber cladding and vertical grain decking from Abodo Wood.

As the Australian distributor of Abodo Wood, Urbanline introduces new carbon negative, high-performing, thermally modified timber cladding and vertical grain decking to the Australian market. The innovative Elements range of timber cladding and timber decking is sourced from FSC certified plantation forests of New Zealand and uses innovative technology to give strength, durability, stability and visual appeal.

Elements Vulcan+ Newport cladding

Made from FSC certified timber, the Elements Vulcan+ eco timber cladding is good for the homeowner as well as the environment, with its low toxicity and lasting performance. The wood’s properties have been permanently changed through thermal modification and a patented, laminated vertical grain construction process to create a more durable and stable product. The moisture content of the timber has also been drastically reduced to minimise swelling and shrinkage.

Elements Sand+ decking

Featuring a beautiful smooth finish and a distinctive vertical grain, the durable Elements+ Sand decking adds style and warmth to the outdoors. Offering a genuine alternative to hardwood decking, Elements+ Sand is easy to install and does not require pre-drilling with the decking simply nailed or screwed into the substrate. The natural brown finish complements the Elements Newport cladding and is guaranteed not to leach.