Duro Clad available from Urbanline Architectural is a maintenance-free wall cladding solution that will retain its visual appeal for several years.

A cladding solution that retains its original appearance even years after its installation without maintenance, Duro Clad is an extra-tough, commercial-grade cladding composite, offering a highly practical combination of quality, durability and sustainability.

The long-lasting cladding is recommended for external use even in the harshest of environments. Being maintenance-free, Duro Clad also offers a cost-effective cladding solution over its lifetime.

Key features of Duro Clad composite wall cladding include maintenance-free solution; positive concealed fixing; water-resistant material; high durability; noise insulation; and rot and pest resistance.

Duro Clad is perfect for coastal environments, acoustic sound/traffic barriers, heavy traffic areas, unsheltered areas, domestic and commercial areas, hotel/bistro areas, harsh environments, body corporate areas and mining campsites.