Whether commercial or residential, renovating or a new project, sustainability is an expected part of any modern design. The sourcing of sustainable products is a vital part of any environmentally and socially responsible project.

When it comes to sourcing cladding – the most noticeable aspect of any exterior - finding a balance between a product that is durable, sustainable and also aesthetically pleasing can be challenging.

Composite timber cladding is a popular material choice for its exceptional versatility and resilience to harsh Australian weather. However, not all cladding is created equal. Environmental sustainability is often compromised for performance and vice versa.

The influx of cheap imports which don’t comply with Australian Standards have also had a significant impact on the market. The initial cost savings of these products often pale in comparison to the costs of replacing or repairing a product with a far shorter lifecycle.

When deciding on a cladding solution for your project it is important to a respected and experienced supplier who offers the support and confidence that your investment will stand the test of time.

Elements Timber Cladding

Elements Timber Cladding is a high performance, thermally modified cladding for commercial and residential applications. In addition to its exceptional durability and style, Elements Timber Cladding provides 3 key environmental benefits not offered by many cladding producers:

FSC certified – FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) is the most rigorous forest product labelling scheme in the world, and the only scheme supported by environmental groups such as the World Wildlife Fund, Greenpeace and The Australian Conservation Foundation. FSC certified cladding ensures the timber is sourced with the sustainability of the world’s forests as a priority.

Durability and lifecycle – Being a natural product, timber cladding is susceptible to weather . Elements Timber Cladding comes with a 25 year warranty against rot, fungal decay, insects and termites

Low Toxicity – Many standard treated woods use preservatives or coatings with high toxicity which can cause harm to both humans and the environment. Elements Timber Cladding uses thermal modification to provide natural durability, bolstered with organic preservatives for termite protection - to help provide a better state of living.

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