Urbanline Architectural has added an innovative exterior cladding product to their solutions range with the release of Alu Selekta. Made from highly durable solid extruded aluminium and supplied with a timber finish, the non-combustible cladding looks just like timber, and works interchangeably with Urbanline’s fire rated Euro Selekta profiles for a seamless look across the building.

Urbanline Alu Selekta is eco-friendly, low maintenance and incredibly durable; the cladding’s non-combustibility and ease of installation make it particularly ideal for high rises and buildings in bushfire rated areas.


Alu Selekta meets the non-combustible requirements of Clause C1.12(e) of the BCA and is permitted to be used where the BCA nominates non-combustible material.


Alu Selekta can be interchanged with Urbanline’s fire rated Euro Selekta: Alu Selekta for non-combustible applications and Euro Selekta in more accessible areas.


Urbanline Alu Selekta weighs only 9.75kg per square metre.


Alu Selekta features heavy duty solid aluminium extrusion with the 1.8mm robust profile body engineered for strength.

Easy installation

Easy installation is achieved by simply screwing up to the wall without any need to machine the panels offsite. Urbanline Alu Selekta is supplied in lengths of 5.4 metres with each board featuring a distinct and realistic timber grain.

The low maintenance aluminium exterior cladding product has also passed the sea salt spray test for corrosion resistance and comes with a 10-year warranty.

Urbanline Alu Selekta exterior cladding is recommended for high rise buildings, refurbishing of commercial buildings, large commercial facades, bushfire prone areas, external feature facade cladding for domestic and commercial applications, difficult access areas, high-exposure areas, feature facade cladding for multi-storey apartment buildings where maintenance is difficult, feature cladding for soffits, and gable ends. The cladding is also ideal as a low-maintenance substitute for timber feature cladding.