When it comes to cladding, timber’s unique good looks can often involve a trade-off – like high maintenance or fire safety. Whether it’s a project in a bushfire-prone area or somewhere that cops lashings of rough weather: timber might be the very stylish, but less sensible, choice.

Well, compromise no more: the secret is composite cladding that combines sleek timber sophistication, new levels of fire safety and certified quality.

We are excited to announce that the Euro Selekta cladding has recently been tested to AS5113!

It meets the Performance Requirement CP2 – Spread of Fire which means the cladding does not contribute to the spread of fire when on a single vertical plane.

The Euro Selekta cladding has been tested to AS5113:2016 achieving A100 – BB29 classification.

Urbanline’s Euro Selekta Clad is a smart and popular choice for external cladding because it achieves that trifecta. It’s durable, stunning and virtually looks after itself – and now it’s compliant with BAL29/AS5113 cladding requirements as well as being Codemark Certified.

Euro Selekta’s timber grain-embossed surface mirrors real wood. It’s available in seven colours, including on-trend minimalist black, to achieve any vision from high-end edgy to traditional.

While looking exactly like the genuine article, it removes all the challenges of real timber – it’s easy to install, requires zero sealing or coating and very low maintenance, and is tough, non-leaching and water resistant.

And its new claims to fame bring confidence and peace of mind.

With its BAL29 rating and recent results from the AS5113 fire test, Euro Selekta is one of the few composite cladding materials that are certified for higher-risk areas. It’s the ideal choice for residential and multi-residential buildings and specific wall applications and soffits on high rise buildings.

For even more reassurance, its recent Code Mark certification means guaranteed acceptance by the regulatory bodies and proof the product meets its mandatory compliance requirements under the Building Code of Australia.

It’s the ultimate tick of approval for designers and builders – helping protect themselves, their projects and their clients.

Let the pictures speak for themselves. See Urbanline’s case studies for Euro Selekta Clad’s standout style in action: especially at North Apartments in Melbourne and  Broadbeach Waters, Gold Coast.