Euro Selekta Clad, a composite cladding product from Urbanline Architectural was installed on a high-end home in Ivanhoe, Melbourne in a vertical application.

The challenge during the construction of the home lay in blending edgy design and architecture with the class and simplicity demanded by suburban living.

Hamilton Marino Builders installed 100 square metres of Euro Selekta Clad in African Ebony on the statement feature – a huge black frame at the front. Set against pale cement sheeting, the black cladding with on-trend timber looks frames and highlights huge mirror windows that reflect the trees, helping pay a clever homage to the green, family-friendly neighbourhood.

African Ebony captures the coveted, distinctive look of the rare, expensive hardwood while offering all the practical benefits of composite cladding. Euro Selekta Clad is cost-effective, highly durable, eco-friendly, maintenance-free and extremely easy to install.