Euro Selekta Clad, the timber-finish aluminium cladding from Urbanline Architectural has been independently tested for compliance with BCA fire regulations.

All external claddings sold in Australia for high-rise buildings that do not pass the AS1530.1 combustibility fire test must be compliant with AS5113 and National Construction Code by March 2018.

A pre-finished composite with a timber grain look, Euro Selekta cladding already features a BAL29 rating (AS1530.8.1), and has now performed extremely well in the AS5113 External Façade Fire Test, satisfying the performance requirements of the National Construction Code (NCC) Volume One and Two and the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

Euro Selekta Clad has not only passed the stringent fire testing processes but has also been independently tested to recommend where, how and why the cladding can be used in various applications. Urbanline Architectural engaged an independent fire engineer to assess all the data from the fire tests and compile it into a comprehensive evaluation report.

This report sets out the requirements and performance provisions from the NCC and BCA and provides guidance on the actual application of Euro Selekta cladding on different types and classes of buildings.

Watch the video to learn more about Euro Selekta Clad’s fire compliance.