Even the architect of a sparkling new beachside hotel in Queensland admits that many would have rejected his suggestion to use timber for the building’s external cladding, due to concerns about maintenance and the harshness of a coastal climate.

However, after “considerable research” a timber was found that would create the desired look, but without maintenance and longevity issues that would render the concept impractical.

The answer lay in a thermally-modified plantation pine.  The thermal modification process permanently changes the properties of wood to create a stable, durable building material that resists decay and rot and provides a 30-year service life for above-ground applications.

After thermal modification, softwoods such as radiata pine, provide Class 1 durability (above ground), which is further enhanced with a water-borne preservative (H3) for termite resistance. Engineering adds maximum stability, with the patented, laminated vertical grain construction for superior weathering characteristics and reducing surface cracking.

There are also environmental benefits of using plantation pine. It’s a green, carbon-negative product, sourced from Forest Steward Council (FSC)-certified plantation forests in New Zealand. This certification ensures sustainable harvesting, protection of wildlife and consideration for people whose life depends on the forest.

It was Urbanline’s thermally-modified Elements Vulcan + Newport Hector cladding that was used for the Sandstone Point Hotel at Queensland’s Bribie Island.  The innovative cladding product was then silvered off via a natural, premium exterior, Patina coloured wood oil to give a weathered, coastal appearance - taking cues from the site’s coastal location and from the nearby old timber jetty.

A seamless architectural profile was delivered thanks to the secret fix profile that conceals nails and screws and enables better coating adhesion for a longer lasting product.  It’s flawless appearance was further enhanced through its virtually defect-free grading.

What’s more, the new age timber is highly practical being maintenance-free and easy to install making it ideal for any external feature façade and residential and lightweight commercial applications.

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