Urban Vision Group  provide complete solutions to projects that involve renovation and remodelling of homes. Urban Vision Group are also involved in carrying out projects that is to be blend for an existing period of construction and transformation. Urban Vision Group consider the design, consultation and building phase as key points in any type of projects including various environmental considerations. Materials containing low embodied energy are employed by Urban Vision Group in carrying out the projects. These materials are obtained from renewable sources. Through the design, consultation and building phase, the customer can determine and evaluate the environmental measures assigned for their project.

Urban Vision Group have recently completed residential project in Newton. The project involved construction of two bathrooms, a new kitchen and two courtyards. The time taken by Urban Vision Group in completing this residential project was 6 weeks. The renovation designed by Urban Vision Group helped in accommodating five adults in a busy household. The rear yard was replaced with construction of galvanised frames for outdoor seating arrangements. The new kitchen and living area was constructed adjacent to the side and rear courtyards.