Building or renovating a deck in a commercial setting is no small feat, as it demands careful consideration of many factors: durability, safety, and maintenance. “Beaches of Broome” resort in the picturesque town of Broome, Western Australia, recently undertook a decking project to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of their outdoor pool area and came up with a great fit for their around-the-pool area: NewTechWood’s  Commercial Grade Decking.

Project Specifications:

This commercial project involved the replacement of an aging, high-maintenance jarrah deck with a more robust and low-maintenance alternative composite decking, covering approximately 114 square meters of the high-traffic area around the pool.

Beaches of Broome engaged Decknicians, renowned local deck builders, to tackle this demanding project.

We chose the NewTechWood Commercial range for its P5 slip rating to comply with safety standards at a commercial venue. We have also tested other brands over the years and found the quality of Newtechwood exceeds competitors’ products.

says Steve Palumbo – Director of Decknicians WA.


Durable decking solution for Broome’s harsh climate

"Broome is famous for harsh sun exposure and occasional wet seasons, making it imperative to find a decking solution to endure these extreme weather conditions. Traditional pavers were quickly ruled out due to the impracticality of keeping poolside debris and dirt at bay,” says Debora Dean, resort owner.

Their budget-friendly resort in Broome caters to a diverse array of guests with access to various accommodation options. Their outdoor pool area is a focal point for guests, offering them a place for relaxation and enjoyment.

NewTechWood was the first choice for commercial settings in harsh climate areas.

Following extensive research and careful deliberation, owners opted for NewTechWood Commercial decking for several compelling reasons. After researching several similar products, NewTechWood suited them best in terms of cost and the extended warranty.

Also, decking colours and finishes allowed them to choose NewTechWood Commercial Decking in antique colours seamlessly integrated with the hotel’s aesthetic.


Commercial grade decking for extended durability

NewTechWood commercial decking range is crafted to satisfy the requirements of commercial projects and provide the beauty of natural timber at the same time. Fully capped to protect the board from moisture, mould and UV, Commercial range boards are also hard capped to provide additional durability in high-traffic commercial areas.

The Beaches of Broome owners are very happy with the results of the project.  The deck’s natural look has significantly improved the visual appeal of our pool area, creating a more inviting and enjoyable space for their guests. Commercial Grade Decking enhances durability and aesthetics in this well-known Broome Resort.

The ease of maintenance is a real game-changer

“We also liked the minimal maintenance required – this was a significant factor in choosing the product, as there were others that did not seem to have the same durability. The product’s durability and resistance to fading in the harsh Broome sun have exceeded our expectations,”

shares Deborah Dean of her impressions.


Steve Palumbo and his team in Decknitians handled the installation and did an outstanding job working within the estimated time frame and maintaining a clean and safe job site throughout the project.

He also provided training to the resort’s handyman, who quickly learned the straightforward cleaning procedures, as NewTechWood doesn’t require any ongoing maintenance except cleaning.

This low-maintenance aspect has allowed staff and guests of Beaches of Broome to enjoy a stress-free, visually appealing, and highly functional decking area around a heavily used guest swimming pool.

On top of that, the Commercial range boasts the highest P5  slip rating, giving peace of mind when it comes to commercial venue safety. NewTechWood Commercial range’s ease of maintenance combined with extraordinary durability has been a game-changer for many commercial venues looking to find a long-term timber-looking solution.


If you’re looking for a dependable decking solution for commercial projects in challenging environments, contact us to discuss your project.