Unreal Stone has launched a modular fence system incorporating lightweight sandstone pillars. No footings are required with this modular fence system and it is easy to install. This modular fence system can be used in conjunction with metal work for a colonial look or painted aluminium slats for a real modern style.

This modular fence system is easy to install without blockwork and cement fences. The Unreal Stone modular fencing system is light weight and easy to handle. Infill sections are of lightweight styrene core, which are metal reinforced and strong.

These are either finished in sandstone cladding or french render to the full height of the fence. Alternately they can be lower than the pillars with metalwork or timber slat infills.

Standard centre fence sections are available up to 4.8 metres in length and height increments of 300 mm. These sections are fixed to 90 mm x 90 mm galvanized or treated timber fence posts, which are placed into ground holes and cemented where the pillars are required.

Standard pillar sandstone half blocks are 400 mm x 200 mm x 200 mm in increments of 300 mm in height. These are a wraparound block, which are placed around the galvanized or treated timber fence posts after the centre panels are fitted creating a 400 mm x 400 mm sandstone pillar.

Pier caps are then fixed to the top. (500 mm x 250 mm x 250 mm are also available to create a 500 mm x 500 mm pillar in 300 mm height increments). Once the wraparound blocks are fitted the joints are simply finished with flexible grout and the job is complete. The result is a feature fence, which will enhance the frontage of any home. All in just a few days compared to a standard masonry fence.