Sandstone form Unreal Stone has a timeless, elegant look that will suit most styles of homes and can increase the value of the property.

Sandstone is a type of reconstituted sandstone tile which is hand crafted using natural coloured sands and polymers that create a beautiful natural sandstone look.

Unreal Stone is water resistant and fireproof. The sandstone tiles are simply adhered to the existing substrate using a powerful flexible adhesive and flexible grout.

This allows for movement in the wall without cracking, unlike rigid sandstone and mortar. With its lightweight tiles, there is no need for specially strengthened foundations.
The stone will age and weather just like natural sandstone, giving it a soft, natural, maintenance free look for many years to come.

Ease of installation – builders, carpenters and tilers all will find Sandstone a breeze to use. With the smooth back surface and the flexible adhesive, the Sandstone tiles are quick to attach.

A four inch angle grinder makes for easy cutting on site. The tiles are all 290mm high and come in a variety of lengths – 610mm, 490mm, 420mm and 245mm. A mix of these, gives the look of traditional sandstone walls.