Unreal Stone sandstone cladding is individually made. No single piece is the same and the pieces do not need to be sealed. Real natural sands only are used in the manufacturing process.

No oxides or artificial colouring agents are used. Unreal Stone will mellow and age beautifully just like real sandstone. Unreal Stone is a lightweight sandstone cladding, which is adhered directly over sound weatherboards; brick, fibro, render polystyrene foam or new blue-board to create a dramatic transformation.

Unreal Stone requires no messy concrete mortars. Unreal Stone flexible acrylic mortar is applied without fuss and will not crack with expansion and contraction.

Unreal Stone is ideal for external walls, fireplaces and feature walls. Unreal Stone is perfect for second story additions onto blueboard or thermal polystyrene sheet, without the need for the structural footings required for brick or blockwork.

Many textures are available to create the feel you desire. Rockface for the classic rustic look.

Hewn texture provides a modern ambience and the sparrow picked mixed with smooth which recreates a colonial style. Various colour tones of sand compliment the textures to provide subtle shading and hue to the finished works.

The result is a harmonious natural look blending texture with the soft warm shades of honey and ochre. This will look equally at home with modern or old fixtures and furnishings.

Sandstone does not really date or become obsolete as fads in decorating change. Unreal Stone also produces a Bluestone cladding stone in rustic greys and charcoals.

This suits the needs of those looking for a colonial Victorian style but is equally at home in a modern contemporary environment.

Unreal Stone is fire resistant and has been tested to ASTM G154, Cycle 7 and comes with a 20-year warranty against product failure.

Unreal Stone sandstone cladding is the perfect solution to your decorating needs, be it the modern look or the look of old world charm.