Unlimited Water Coolers  was established in 1997 and has been serving the industry for more than 10 years by providing filtered water coolers. It is easy and simple to connect the filtered water cooler to the main water supply of the house, for automatically dispensing freshly filtered water. Water is filtered with the aid of a multi stage filter system present in the water cooler provided by Unlimited Water Coolers. This results in clean, filtered water, which has a good taste.

Filtered water coolers from Unlimited Water Coolers have a high capacity performance with a compact stylish body. Water gets automatically refilled in the water cooler with the help of mains pressure, while filtering is accomplished with the usage of integral filters. Filtered water coolers thus offer unlimited filtered water at an economical cost.

Unlimited Water Coolers also provides cost effective and time saving services. It performs a sanitisation check every 26 weeks to ensure that the system is well maintained. If needed, it also provides replacement filters and other parts of the system. Unlimited Water Coolers provides quality system procedures and keeps a record of all the services provided in its computerised service database.