Available from Unitex , the Veneto Mineral Coloured Finishes range of exterior wall finishes takes its inspiration from the rustic patina of Venetian villas and brings with it all the ambience, romance, imagination and wonder of the area with it.

Veneto Mineral Coloured Finishes are pre-coloured exterior wall finishing products with durable oxide pigments in a dry powder form that are mixed with water and applied over a sealed Unitex Render. With a sandy ochre finish, Veneto Mineral Coloured Finishes do not require the application of an acrylic topcoat.

Available in a range of warm and earth colours, moderate weathering will bring out subtle shade differences in these exterior wall finishes to quickly produce an aged patina that adds character and warmth to modern homes and a finish that is sought after by architects.

Applied simply with a trowel and sponge, Veneto Mineral Coloured Finishes are suitable for both new home construction and renovations, and when used in conjunction with Unitex profiles these exterior wall finishes can upgrade the appearance of an existing home or create a timeless Venetian style from scratch.

Meeting strict environmental standards with zero emissions, Veneto Mineral Coloured Finishes are supplied in 20 kg pails, which when mixed with water will yield 15L of trowel applied coating.

Other key benefits of Veneto Mineral Coloured Finishes include:

  • fire resistant
  • water resistant
  • available in more than 21 earthy shades with custom earthy shades also able to be matched.