Unitex Granular Marble  offers two options for lightweight, yet tough exterior cladding – Uni-TWS (thermal wall system) and Unitex Base Board, combined with external insulation finishing system (EIFS).

Carpenters can install both Uni-TWS and Unitex Base Board. Both come in standard 2.4m x 1.2m sheets for fewer joins, but are still easy to handle on-site.

And the job is quick to complete with edge and wall opening components, all accessories and on-site know-how from the Unitex technical team.

Uni-TWS is backed by CSIRO testing and provides higher external thermal insulation, good resistance to water penetration and fire, and proven impact strength.

For entry-level new homes and developments Unitex Base Board is a lower cost alternative. Sheets are pre-rendered and fully covered in mesh making the topcoat quick and easy. Both products are ideal for compliance with home energy rating.

Whichever system you choose, you will be getting a better, more economical way to build that is backed up by over 20 years of expertise and experience. So do not just dream about it – build it with your choice of Unitex lightweight cladding system.