Uni-Base Board external cladding by Unitex has been used extensively at the prestigious Main Drive Kew development in the Melbourne suburbs.  

The design of the Main Drive Kew development appears futuristic with strong architectural forms, clean lines and minimalist design.  

Much of this is due to the articulation of the master plan in addition to the clean finish of the external fabric of the buildings.  

Used extensively throughout Stage Two, Uni-Base Board external cladding by Unitex® has helped bring the architects’ vision to life.  

The predominantly white external facades were first applied with Uni-Base Board Render and then expertly finished with Uni-Trowel Décor Texture (155) to provide a medium trowel finish.  

Despite the futuristic appearance of Main Drive Kew, significant effort has been made to preserve the historical and cultural significance of the site, which housed the original Kew Cottages.  

Amongst the 360 - 400 houses, terraces and apartments planned for Main Drive there will be 20 community homes housing up to 100 intellectually disabled residents.  

All homes are designed in an identical manner and architectural style, according to dKO Architects.  

Key benefits of the Uni-Base Board external cladding

  • Uni-Base Boards are thermally efficient External Insulation Finishing Systems (EIFS) delivering significant energy savings
  • The three sizes provide an R-value rating of 1.63 - 2.75
  • When installed with sisalation the R-value goes up to 3.20 for the 100mm board

The Uni-Base Board external cladding goes a long way in meeting the rating requirements of the new 6-Star energy design coming into effect in May 2011 in Victoria.