Unitex Granular Marble   is a manufacturer and distributor of building material for residential and commercial projects. Unitex Granular Marble’s products lend a unique and elegant look to the exteriors look of buildings.

Unitex Granular Marble's cladding range include Uni-EIFS (external insulation) that guards against thermal stresses, cold spots, and drafts. Uni-EIFS is designed to insulate the house both in summer and winter against heat and cold respectively.

The Uni-Base Board cladding system is a low profile cladding system which comes in a special polymer coating and include AR/FG Mesh to EPS panels.

The Uni-Base Board cladding system comes in 1200 mm x 2400 mm. Uni-Base Board system is energy efficient, light in weight, rainproof yet permeable to hinder condensation problems.

Another product, the Uni-TWS (Thermal Wall System), is a high impact cladding system with a minimum impact strength of 45 joules.

The products come in standard size of 1200 mm x 2400 mm. Unitex Granular Marble’s other products include Renders that can be applied over new or old brickwork. Textures are available in acrylic coatings for decorating interior and exterior walls. Moldings and columns are polymer modified resins and cement based minerals. All Unitex Granular Marble products come with related accessories.