How do you turn a 70s Spanish style house into an ornate Georgian-style masterpiece? With Unitex Granular Marble’s mouldings, columns and keystones.

A vast renovation has been undertaken on the north shore home. The owner had seen Unitex mouldings on a massive Victorian house also renovated by Akira homes and wanted a similar feel.

Tony Kirillov, architect and builder of Akira Homes was sure Unitex mouldings were the right way to go.

When you are renovating a home of approximately 70 squares, you want mouldings that are simple to install and require no maintenance.

As Tony puts it, “it goes on easily and it looks good – that’s the important thing. Other mouldings do not have the protective reinforced cement coating like Unitex and are often attacked by cockatoos.”

Tony has a great relationship with John DeSilva from Unitex Granular Marble who often has meetings on-site and recommends the right mouldings for each job. But a custom-made circular portico on this job required some extra attention.

Jesse Xu from Unitex Granular Marble, was flown to Sydney to measure and design the circular portico. CAD drawings were then created and approved before the moulding was produced. The result would stand the test of time.