Public parks offer people the right environment to engage in healthy activities and also often serve as a pleasant venue for get-togethers with family and friends. While spending time in a park can be an enjoyable experience, it’s also important to ensure a safe and healthy atmosphere for all visitors.

Unisite offers a few tips that will help councils and other authorities responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of parks to ensure safety for park users. Though it may not be possible to eliminate every possible mishap, these tips can greatly help to lower risks and minimise the occurrence.

Investing in quality equipment

Quality should never be compromised when selecting amenities and services to be made available to the public. Poor quality equipment not only degrades the overall experience, but also increases risk of accidents. For instance, barbecue equipment, park benches and furniture should be made from robust materials that will stand the test of time as well as frequent use, with the design incorporating the health and safety guidelines of the local authority.

Regular inspections

The park authority’s responsibility does not end with investing in the right equipment; it is also important to ensure ongoing performance and safety of the equipment through regular inspections. Regardless of the assured quality of the equipment, it's always liable to develop damage from wear and tear caused by frequent use. Public property is also exposed to vandalism and harsh weather conditions, all of which can combine to make furniture and playground equipment unsafe over time.

To prevent problems that might increase the risk of an accident, ensure the parks undergo regular quality inspection checks covering every piece of furniture, barbecue installation and playground equipment. In addition to periodic inspections, the park authority must also arrange for checks after big events such as outdoor festivals where large crowds will invariably lead to some damage somewhere.

Give plenty of warnings

Placing guidelines and safety warnings throughout the park is advised to ensure the equipment is used correctly by visitors. For example, clearly list the dangers associated with using certain types of equipment such as barbecue installations. Parents should be warned about the possibility of their children wandering off in the park or using equipment unsupervised.

It is also important to ensure the warning signs are placed appropriately in prime spots, with the message displayed clearly and legibly in noticeable colours. Using big red letters is suggested to get the attention of park-goers.

Encourage help from the public

Local authorities are responsible for maintaining the parks and ensuring safety. However, the public’s assistance can be sought to help maintain a healthy and safe environment. For instance, if any equipment is vandalised right after a periodic inspection, the public can get in touch with the local authority to have it rectified immediately.

Staff training

The park authority is also responsible for ensuring all staff members dealing with the park are given health and safety training on preventing common accidents. This will help employees catch potential hazards early, see the signs of degrading of furniture or playground equipment, as well as spot members of the public doing something that puts them at risk.

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