Unisite announces its end of financial year specials on their outdoor furniture range with buyers offered up to a 20% discount until 30 June 2015. Unisite is an Australian company specialising in quality outdoor furniture for education and local government.

Unisite’s end of financial year specials offer clients the chance to get all the planning and orders in place for their projects until EOFY 2014/15, along with a generous discount opportunity.

Councils, schools and private companies are usually under immense pressure to get their affairs finalised in time. Unisite’s end of financial year specials will not only help to alleviate some of this pressure but will also allow buyers to get the best deals on various products.

Customers can claim 10% discount for orders of up to two products and 20% discount for orders of three or more products by quoting the promotional code COUNA1. The offer ends 30 June 2015.

As an approved supplier for Local Buy, Local Government Procurement, and LGA Procurement, Unisite works closely with city councils and government institutions to provide tailored, durable and stylish park furniture and street furniture solutions to meet their specific requirements. The company engages with schools and councils across Australia at every stage of the process, from planning, design, supply and installation, right down to the maintenance and care of its quality products.

Unisite’s product range includes park benches and seating, table settings, barbeques, water fountains, bike racks, and bins.