Ultraspin Technology  offers oil water separator that requires no operation attention and maintenance. Ultraspin Technology supplies packaged oil water separator that can mhandle oil flows less than 15.4 gpm.

Ultraspin Technology supplies basket strainer that catches debris to protect the pump. And has a opening ranging up to 3mm. Ultraspin Technology offers diaphragm pump which is suitable for hazardour area and has a solids and self priming tolerant. The unit does not emulsify oily water and has exhaust air that is ideal for water aeration.

The oil collection tank provided by Ultraspin Technology yields large storage and collects concentrated oil. It has low cost oil disposal and waste truck pump out. The unit automatically drains excess water and avoids oil spills and unsightly mess.

The engineered oil separator offered by Ultraspin Technology can treat flow upto 2600 gpm and can be used in wide range of industries including mining and diary farm industry. The systems provided by Ultraspin Technology aids in removing fats, grease, oils and suspended solids.
Ultraspin Technology provides various units that are used in refueling sites, vehicle wash and workshops in the mining industry.