Ultrafloor  beams are one of the primary components of Ultrafloor flooring systems. The beams are suitable for any type of architectural design. Flooring systems from Ultrafloor are available in various lengths. The specifications of Ultrafloor’s beams are based on load and span. The different types of beams available are 130C, 150C, 130R and 150R.

Ultrafloor undertakes each project by making computer drawings of the layout of the beam. Precast and prestressed beams are aligned according to building geometry and are spaced properly to support the primary structure of the building. A permanent formwork is laid using 13 mm thick formboards made of fibre cement placed between Ultrafloor beams. The beams are positioned in the right place to avoid conflict with the positions of pipes. In wet areas or balconies, formboards are cut on site in order to narrow their width.

Before topping the beam with concrete, the steel reinforcement is placed on the beam which protects the concrete topping from cracking or drying due to shrinkage. Ultrafloor is capable of providing the concrete topping with ceramic tiles or vinyl sheeting. The thickness of the topping can be customised for special cases where additional fire rating may be needed. Threafter, Ultrafloor does the curing of concrete using acceptable methods.