Several products from Ultraflex Panelling were selected for the ceilings and walls of the BHP Head Office in WA.

Ultraflex Panelling products used for the interior cladding works of the BHP office included aluminium composite panels as well as perforated veneer panels and slotted veneer panels on black MDF backing.

Ceiling and wall cladding

The designers chose Ultraflex’s aluminium composite panels in black and silver to deliver a highly polished finish to the internal fitout. The composite panels were machined to cover the ceilings and walls as well as to fit in and around other surfaces with Ultraflex’s special composite panel edge fold to remove any visible signs of the raw aluminium and plastic infill edges. The panels covered an area of 900 square metres.

Office ceilings

Perforated veneer panels on a black MDF with acoustic backing were used for the ceilings. To cover an area of 1200 square metres, over 1800 panels, each featuring more than 2000 holes per panel, were required. Ultraflex set up a special drilling rig to ensure a consistent and efficient process.

Office ceilings

Slotted veneer panels on a black MDF with acoustic backing were selected for this application. To suit a standard aluminium grid system, these panels were routed and slotted to give the impression of a continuous linear ceiling while allowing appropriate access to the services above. The panels covered an area of 650 square metres.