Ultimate Floors  offers grinding steps and film sealer that turns concrete in a shiny material. The polishing system is a hard reflective floor and is very hygienic and functional. The hiperfloor supplied by Ultimate Floors is a concrete system that provides a high quality finish and is ideal for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

The polishing system offered by Ultimate Floors is ideal for showrooms, warehousing, domestic dwellings, foyers, supermarkets, schools, retail shops, restaurants, schools and garages. Ultimate Floors offers flooring products in various finishes including the semi-gloss, hi-gloss and matt finish.

Ultimate Floors uses dyes and semi cut saws that provide an individuality look to the floors. The flooring system provided by Ultimate Floors is resistant to oils, UV rays, heat, tyre marking, industrial chemicals, non-yellowing, abrasion, dusting, general wear and UV rays.

Ultimate Floors offers products and services that can be tailor made catering to individual customer requirements and specifications. The tiles offered by Ultimate Floors are available in various different colours, textures and sizes.

The various other uses of scarifying technology include safety grooving, lippage removal; surface preparation and removal of stencil crete.